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SPD4459 [Entertainment] 油麻地的電影王國 (Yau Ma Tei’s movie kingdom- entertainment) * By E-Buddies

SPD4459 油痲地電影中心建立於1996年,除左會放映本地或外地嘅熱門電影外,仲會有一d非主流嘅電影上映,定期舉辦不同嘅影展、電影節、特別放映會,包羅萬有。〔spd4459 entertainment -internet marketing and public relations)

Broadway Cinematheque (Yau Tsim Mong area) was established in year 1996, apart from broadcasting local and overseas’ hot movies, it also broadcasts some cult movies and organize different film festivals or special movie broadcasting which is quite comprehensive!!

SPD4459 entertainment (internet marketing and public relations)

In Hong Kong, there is fewer artistic theatres exist

SPD4459 entertainment (internet marketing and public relations)
The cinema’s decoration is so great; you can go there without watching movies and “wasting time” for a whole day

  1. 重點推介電影/影展 (Latest must-see movies/film festival)

  1.1 推介電影


  這部電影名字是她消失以後離開他以後,其實包含左2套電影(係呀,你冇睇錯呀,係2套),由尼迪賓遜(Ned Benson)執導,加上2位曾經榮獲奧斯卡金像獎提名嘅占士麥艾禾(James McAvoy)同謝茜嘉謝西婷(Jessica Chastain)主演,不容錯過。呢2套電影分別以男女角度拍攝,以解構男女喺愛情關係中不同嘅睇法,從而令觀眾重新審視或反思番愛情關係中嘅一d誤解。(詳情請到百老匯電影中心網址http://bc.cinema.com.hk/查詢)

Are you bored of Hollywood films? We will recommend you the following romantic movie and a film festival in order to encourage you to go to watch movie again.

This movie name is The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: HIM and The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Her which is actually 2 sets of movies. The director is Ned Benson, and the main characters are James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain who are nominating for The Oscars’ awards, so audience cannot miss this film certainly. These 2 sets of movies mainly shoot by man and woman’s angles in a love relationship in order to show the difference between man or woman’s standpoints and make audience rethink and learn from the movie. (Please go to the website of Broadway Cinematheque http://bc.cinema.com.hk/for more information.)

This 2 sets of movies are broadcasted at the same time which is a smart marketing gimmick
Information source: GoldenSceneHK

1.2 推介影展

最後為大家介紹一個充滿香港回憶嘅影展-百部不可不看的香港電影。呢個影展由香港電影資料館及康樂及文化事務署主辦,並與百老匯電影中心合作播映一百部跨越 1916 1999 年的電影,為慶祝香港電影資料館10周年誌慶的重點節目。(上映電影及放映時間表請到香港電影資料館電影院http://www.lcsd.gov.hk/CE/CulturalService/HKFA/b5/index.php、百老匯電影中心http://bc.cinema.com.hk/及影藝戲院http://www.cityline.com.hk/查詢)

Lastly, we will introduce a film festival which is full of Hong Kong moments- 100 Must-see Hong Kong Movies. It is organized by Hong Kong Film Archive and The Leisure and Cultural Services Department, and is cooperated with Broadway Cinematheque to broadcast about 100 sets of movies which are originated from year 1916 to 1999 in order to celebrate the 10th anniversary ceremony of Hong Kong Film Archive. (The details of movies and the screening schedule can be found in website of Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archivehttp://www.lcsd.gov.hk/CE/CulturalService/HKFA/b5/index.php, Broadway Cinemathequehttp://bc.cinema.com.hk/ and Cine-Art Househttp://www.cityline.com.hk/ respectively.) 

SPD4459 entertainment (internet marketing and public relations)
It would be more attractive when inviting Juno Mak as the ambassador of the film festival 

2. 同場加映

除左睇戲外,大家可以去電影中心隔離嘅 Kubrick行下,呢間喺集書店、影音店與咖啡店於一身的店鋪。試想像,一邊看書一邊喝咖啡絕對係忙裏偷閑的一種生活享受。

What’s more: Apart from watching movies in cinema, you can also go to “Kubrick” which is combined a bookstore, an audio & visual shop and a café into one store. Try to imagine, it would be a pleasure when you read a book and also drinking a cup of coffee! So Happy!!〔spd4459 entertainment- internet marketing and public relations)

SPD4459 entertainment (internet marketing and public relations)

SPD4459 entertainment (internet marketing and public relations)

SPD4459 entertainment (internet marketing and public relations)

SPD4459 entertainment (internet marketing and public relations)
You can enjoy coffee or books in Kubrick for a whole afternoon


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