2014年10月7日 星期二

[SPD4459,Entertainment] 動感挑戰站 * By E-Buddies

                    SPD4459 動感挑戰站         “Move and Play !”

It’s time for E-buddies to take you to the today’s new entertainment. Today’s entertainment topic is “Move and Play !”.  This is a science exhibition in Tsim Sha Tsui, which is full of challenges and excitement. And more than 20 very challenging interactive exhibits are displayed, besides enjoying this activity, have a happy experience and test your body balance, it will also tell you the mind and internal status when you are playing to enhance your recognition to your body and senses. 〔spd4459 entertainment (internet marketing and public relations)〕

spd4459 entertainment (internet marketing and public relations)

Have you ever played this game “Skip the rope”? this will test your endurance.from: 

spd4459 entertainment (internet marketing and public relations)
大家一起來賽跑   Let’s run together.

The participants can not only laugh out loudly and stretch muscle to relax, but also some exhibits may require teamwork which requires several people to complete together, and there are also some exhibits that even some people with limited mobility can also experience.〔spd4459 entertainment (internet marketing and public relations)〕

spd4459 entertainment (internet marketing and public relations)
走鋼絲Tightrope walking

Source from: http://hk.science.museum/documents/755577/773782/jul14.pdf

spd4459 entertainment (internet marketing and public relations)
How accurately can you kick?
Source from: http://dayanlife.blogspot.hk/2014/09/blog-post_5.html

spd4459 entertainment (internet marketing and public relations)

Dance game

呢個類似機舖裡面的dance game, E-buddies睇到就已經覺得好開心啦。
This entertainment really makes us feel so excited.[SPD4459 entertainment (internet marketing and public relations)]

spd4459 entertainment (internet marketing and public relations)

Source from: http://dayanlife.blogspot.hk/2014/09/blog-post_5.html


There are 4 people participate in this game, every one control the blanket by your step and walk, just need to rebound this little spot, and you will win only if anyone of the participants let the spot entering their own area.〔spd4459 entertainment (internet marketing and public relations)〕

Let’s move and have a see immediately!

票價:$30, $21#, $15*
展期 29.10.2014

Venue: Special Exhibition Hall, Hong Kong Science Museum
Admission Fee: $30, $21#, $15*
Exhibition Period: Till 29.10.2014

#Special rate of Standard Ticket for groups of 20 people or more per visit
*Applicable to full-time students, people with disabilities ( and one accompanying minder ) and senior citizens aged 60 or above
Free admission for Museum Pass holders, and children under 4 years old accompanied by an adult with ticket
No free admission on Wednesdays and for Museum Weekly Pass holders

Video from: Bastille Post

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