2014年10月7日 星期二

SPD4459 [Entertainment] 齊齊喺旺角街頭睇月全食 Total Solar Eclipse in Mong Kok * By E-Buddies

                                             [ SPD4459 , Entertainment ] 齊齊喺旺角街頭睇月全食  
                                            Watch the total solar eclipse at the street of Mong Kok

SPD4459 entertainment

source from:
PassionTimes 熱血時報
Take your family and friends to enjoy the solar eclipse at the Nathan road. E-buddies really want to go to watch~ [ SPD4459, Entertainment (internet marketing and public relations] 

Time: 2014, Oct 8.   7pm to next day morning
Venue: Mong Kok. Nathan road

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Edited by John, Lin Ruonan (SPD4459 E-Buddies)[spd4459 entertainment in yau tsim mong (internet marketing and public relations)]


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